Saturday, November 8, 2008

So I thought Ravenholm was bad...

So I'm walking along with my new pheropod! Oh yay. Ya basically now all the antlions treat me as their awesome leader and basically do my busy work for me, aka killing the combine. I'm told I have to go to this Nova Prospekt place, after Ravenholm how bad could it be?!? So for one it's supposedly well it is a super high security prison and ya I have to kill all the defenses, but I have my awesome antlion buddies who just do my bidding even if they die doing it, oh and they keep respawning :) I finally get in but sadly my antlion buddies cant follow me :(

I'm walking through ready to kill some combine and own peoples, but I just keep walking thru. Dead people lay of the ground, I think maybe they're zombies, nope they're dead. Keep on walking, alone, all...alone. Turns out this place gives me more of the creeps because it's you and just you that's it. The occasional turret who shoots at you because they're "automated" ya sure automated turrets, hmm doubt it but ok. So ya I could have a party with myself in this place, it's just freaking empty. What scares me most is just that sense of anticipation that oh look I turn a corner there's something to kill, but turning the corner is when I get freaked. So corner after corner, no freaking guys to kill.

Next however I jump out of my seat because my antlion buds found a way in and they pop out of the ground, next thing I know I've killed 10 of them forgetting they're my friends. Such loyalty these creatures have. I'll leave you with the loneliness I felt in Nova Prospekt, you, alone, you yourself and you? Ya it's just you maybe a "automated turret" or your antlion "friends" but ya just you. Have fun being lonely. I'll comment more on my journey later!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Ravenholm...Part 2

Well I leave Ravenholm, well the main part to follow Mr. creepy guy into the best place to go to avoid zombies. Well let's just say I was extremely sarcastic because he leads me into a freaking graveyard!!! First thing that I see is about 6 spider zombies hauling ass onto of a cliff towards us, but hey they're on a cliff, they can't reach us. How wrong I was! They hurt badly both physically but emotionally. Once those buggers were finished off I got to experience more fun, mobs of zombies! Oh yay like 20 zombies coming towards you, kinda freaky, but anyways I created a game to see how many zombies I could kill with 1 saw blade shot, my record is 5 so far. But anyways more zombies keep coming to kill me and finally you think you're done but wait, you hear that awful groan of the annoying toxic zombie. I then unleash pretty much all the ammo I have to kill the annoyance and then mr creepy guy tells me go into the mines, it's the way out. Yay the way out!

So in I go, jumping down the cool mine shaft, cause jumping's fun. Gotta be careful though, otherwise you might fall to your death, gotta love that. Anyways I get to the almost bottom and I feel like I'm in a snake pit except with headcrabs! A FREAKING TON OF HEADCRABS! So I basically use all my magnum ammo to pick them off and the jump down trying to avoid these buggers and I finally get out of that part, but wait now I have to swim underwater to who knows where. Well I do it cause it's better than headcrab land and come out to none other than more zombies! WOO! So there's this "mine cart" that has a saw blade attached to it, mr creepy guy ha problems, lots of problems. So basically I kill all of them with no ammo then woo SUNLIGHT! I SEE SUN! Best feeling ever, so that was Ravenholm, scary place, but there's more to the story.

Skip like 2 Chapters

So I'm driving my dune buggy with its laser attachment on the front into a tunnel which usually tells me it's a loading tunnel, but oh god cars are all in front of my blocking my path. Ok no biggy, get out use gravity gun and ready go. Oh wait I hear something, OH %^@$! 4 Freaking Spider Zombies attack me plus crap loads of other zombies! Just when you thought you were zombie free this crap happens! Of course I have unlimited ammo, but no I forget that and end up having to crowbar half of the zombies, which was about 50 in this little area, oh ya its all dark too. And that's basically my zombie adventures so far. I'll keep you posted on any more scary zombie sightings!

Video is UP!

Ya so the video is up, so just scroll down to see it! Quality isn't the best but that can be expected haha

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Requiem for Ravenholm

Well last night I entered the terrors that anyone who has played Half Life 2 has experienced, going through Ravenholm. Stepping foot into the place where even Eli tries to tell me not to go, but of course I'm forced into the worst possible place ever. While walking through, I realize that there is no ammo at all. Seriously, no ammo ever. Nothing is more terrifying that striking a monkey zombie or as I refer to them, spider zombies, with a freaking crowbar because my last shotgun bullet went to attacking the toxic terror zombie who owns you like no other. Just when you think it can't get worse, three more spider zombies come barreling down on you jumping off of roofs, throwing one of infinite red explosive barrels, oh ya, one's on fire too which not only when he gets to me, I'm burning alive! I guess I skipped around there but ya that's just part of what makes it so terrifying.

Another part of the experience are pretty much these 2 sound bytes, which are pretty much the scariest music ever and send chills down your spine. They sure did when I just listened to them.
Requiem for Ravenholm
Ravenholm Reprise

Next, you encounter the freaky, yet oddly religious? man who I'm forgetting his name but he calls himself the father of these poor creatures. He frees them from their suffering with sick, inhumane traps that half the time destroy you instead of their "intended targets". Oh ya and he needs to fix his freaking gondola. IT MOVES SO SLOWLY!!!!! God may actually like the man if he just helped you suffer less, but of course his 1 piece of help is giving you a shotgun right as you get to experience the pure joy of you first spider zombie in your face. One might think in your face is not possible, wait until you see it, it is possible and it happens.

Now you may think a lot of these things just aren't scary, but hey it's not so bad if you play on mute, while the sun is shining and the birds are chirping. But wait, I played thru this at night, speakers turned up at full volume just to give myself to full spine chilling experience. While I had a hard time sleeping last night, it was definitely worth it! Nothing quite comes close to feeling your hand tremble in fear with whats around the next corner or possibly up a ladder or below you, but it still scares you no matter where it comes from.

The last thing I can think of at the moment that just utterly makes you paranoid beyond no end is pretty much one thing Half Life is known for, the god damn headcrabs. These creepy little things are basically what create the zombies. As you can see in my video the zombies used to be real people until a headcrab latched itself onto the persons head and became in control of them. While fortunately for you, you have an HEV suit so you don't have to worry about it, but still headcrabs jumping out at you and hearing that little noise they make, makes you panic all the same. One other thing about noise, I'd say the worst noise of all is hearing the howl of a spider zombie. Just knowing one is coming scared the crap out of me, like really, no jokes here. It's scary stuff.

Well I think that's about all I have at this point, who knows maybe I'll make a part 2 to further discuss the terror but it's all I have for now!

Enjoy the video!

Turn up your volume for full experience!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Well congratz you democrats, Obama won. As one of my friends put it we should all sing Kumbaya now but who know what will happen next. Anyways he’s now a lame duck (yay political jokes) and now I’m moving past the election topic.

Anyways I figured I’d talk a little about my day and just ramble on anything because the seems to be the best I can come up with for a current blog post! Oh yay!

So how best to describe my day...I could do it in a very rigid format…

7:27 Wake up
7:30 Check e-mails/digg/random web stuff
7:40 Brush my teeth
7:42 Done brushing my teeth
7:42:15 Walk back to my room from the bathroom
7:42:42.23523562462413415135 Put toothbrush and toothpaste in closet
7:42:43.151352352465246246246464646246346346346345 Close closet

Ok that was fun, but too much work remembering all of those specific times. BTW those uber precise times are completely correct, definitely correct, no lies ever…

Umm well I’ll just go in a general ordered list format then.

Woke up
Got ready
Went to math discussion
Got bored and left
Went back to dorm
Took a shower I was too lazy to take earlier
Went to the amazingly fun awesome IR Lecture (maybe read an earlier post today to learn more about that class)
Went to lunch
Had some “chicken” and other random stuff
Went back to my dorm
Did some work
Played Half Life 2
That was absolutely awesome, even though it scared me
Got to Ravenholm and decided to wait to go through there until tomorrow
Checked more random web stuff
More random stuff

Went to band
Saw it get dark during band
Saw a cool sunset
Got cold
Biked back fast to my dorm
Went with a friend to Radio Shack
Then to Ralph’s
Then to my dorm
Then made my dinner
Then read more random stuff

Watched some South Park
Watched some It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, wanted to try it and see how it is
Writing this post

I dunno how to end this because if I write I finished this post

Double Post Day! Header Info

Well it seems some people were interested in my header so I figured I would give links to both the Adobe Illustrator file and the PNG for use on any other webpages. When I get better at making these I will write up a tutorial on it!


UPDATE: I put my header on and it is waiting to be approved now so I will keep everyone posted with its status!

Class Without teh Interwebs

Class Without Internet

Well today my international relations class, I could not get any internet! It’s terrible! I’m stuck writing a blog post in pages and pretty much bored doing it, but anyways. I have realized I would pretty much die if there was not internet at all. I’d never have anything to consume my time, I’d have to watch all of my TV shows with ads and watch them at their regularly scheduled time. It’s amazing how much I have become dependent on internet. I look up all my information now over google, I’ll watch most of the election coverage online. I’d lose a huge form of communication with friends without internet and I just hope that this class gets it’s wifi issues fixed because I can’t play a video game because I am afraid of it making any sounds. Basically if I make a sound I have to sing something in front of the class and that would not be good!

Here’s an aim conversation someone might have if they were stuck trying to im their friend, but the internet was really bad and they never got anything back

what’s up?
are you there?
can you see what text i’m writing?
well i guess you can’t see what i’m writing then so i guess i’ll talk about stuff
so today i went to class and it was fun
oh ya how was your class?
sound interesting
how’s it going with that 1 girl?
ya that sounds like a good idea
oo don’t do that
you might regret it, but you do what you want
ya sounds good
so what’s new with you?
oh ya sounds cool
do you have a pic?
oh nice
looks fun
well hey i should go
having a convo with myself is boring

Yay blogging!


Monday, November 3, 2008

Rock Band

Well since one of my friends is giving me grief about only posting about USC football I decided to write something completely off of that topic and about 1 of my experiences this past week.

I brought up Rock Band 2 to my dorm to play and have fun with friends. Little did I know how much time I really would spend not just playing, but thinking about what I'm going to do next in the game. Finally I actually got to where the end was finally in sight, where I actually could play all over the world. Especially when I saw 1 of the venues with a ridiculous 400+ stars available at it. Yep that's the new endless setlist, a whopping 80+ song setlist. I've taken a little break so it is still not unlocked, but anyways back to the main point of this article.

I unlocked the Rolling Stone Hall of Fame Set and wanted to make sure I could pass all of the songs before I tried it on expert, because I didn't want to do all 7 songs and die on the last 1, which is exactly what would have happened. Anyways I decided to try Painkiller my first time and died in about a minute. I had never heard the song before and fast strumming parts plus repetitive parts equaled death for me. So I basically ended up spending about 4 hours working on the repetitive stuff, strumming and intro parts, and then trying to just survive through the solo which is truly what eventually happened.

I played it and got good enough to get to that damn 57% mark every time, it was just the case of whether I could make it thru the last part of the solo without dying. I finally made it thru once, then did it again for that 8 song set, but wow that song is hard. Here's a video of someone much better than me, but just gives you an idea of what I'm talking about!

Hello Everyone!

Well I figured I would post something, so I'm just going to post some random things going on in my life haha.

The Washington game was pretty much an awesome victory, yet a boring one. Winning 56-0 makes that the third shutout in USC's season. It was an awesome homecoming though. Got to hang with friends, see my parents, and see a sweet victory.

I started running Google Analytics on my blog to see traffic more, but also got invited to 2 new torrent sites. I customized my dock to make it look way cooler.


Finally, I'm watching cool tv shows now, but sadly Heroes isn't on tonight. Boo.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

New Header

Well after about an hour of work I changed my header's image and I hope everyone likes it! Was fun working with AI and if anyone would like to know how I made it, just toss me an email at!