Saturday, November 8, 2008

So I thought Ravenholm was bad...

So I'm walking along with my new pheropod! Oh yay. Ya basically now all the antlions treat me as their awesome leader and basically do my busy work for me, aka killing the combine. I'm told I have to go to this Nova Prospekt place, after Ravenholm how bad could it be?!? So for one it's supposedly well it is a super high security prison and ya I have to kill all the defenses, but I have my awesome antlion buddies who just do my bidding even if they die doing it, oh and they keep respawning :) I finally get in but sadly my antlion buddies cant follow me :(

I'm walking through ready to kill some combine and own peoples, but I just keep walking thru. Dead people lay of the ground, I think maybe they're zombies, nope they're dead. Keep on walking, alone, all...alone. Turns out this place gives me more of the creeps because it's you and just you that's it. The occasional turret who shoots at you because they're "automated" ya sure automated turrets, hmm doubt it but ok. So ya I could have a party with myself in this place, it's just freaking empty. What scares me most is just that sense of anticipation that oh look I turn a corner there's something to kill, but turning the corner is when I get freaked. So corner after corner, no freaking guys to kill.

Next however I jump out of my seat because my antlion buds found a way in and they pop out of the ground, next thing I know I've killed 10 of them forgetting they're my friends. Such loyalty these creatures have. I'll leave you with the loneliness I felt in Nova Prospekt, you, alone, you yourself and you? Ya it's just you maybe a "automated turret" or your antlion "friends" but ya just you. Have fun being lonely. I'll comment more on my journey later!


Colin said...

I feel quite...lonely now :(