Thursday, October 30, 2008

Homecoming and Halloween

Well it's that time of year. Halloween! The time when everyone dresses up in crazy ridiculous costumes. I won't spoil my surprise for my costume, but maybe I'll have pictures tomorrow! I went with a few band people to the haunted house last night which was pretty fun. Even though I hate things jumping out at me. The graveyard part was pretty funny tho. Zombie girls looking for prom dates haha, it was scary. After that, we went to see 2 USC vocal groups sing a capella which was pretty freaking amazing! Not to mention yesterday I beat Rock Band 2 on expert which included the rediculously hard Painkiller! Now all I have left in that is the even more extreme endless setlist 2! AHHHHH

My RB profile

Another thing to add to the craziness of this week is that it's freaking HOMECOMING! BEAT THE HUSKIES! I get to have a nice busy night these next few days. Going to rallies both tonight and tomorrow, then a party tomorrow night! Then we definitely get to destroy the huskies!

Hopefully we'll do something like this to them

"USC 69 - WSU 0"

Anyways I sure hope we dominate them!


South Park Pandemic

Wow what an amazing episode Pandemic Part 2 was. It is working off the idea of Cloverfield with giant guinea pigs that attack South Park and the entire world. There were so many creative ideas in this and I laughed the hardest I have in a long time, especially with the different animals that invaded. I don't want to tell anymore because it's too good to be ruined. Craig is pretty funny in this and it keeps having lots of funny twists. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Here's the video