Friday, June 1, 2007

Forgot Something Important

KROQ! YAY Top 106.7 KROQ bands of all time

1 Red Hot Chili Peppers
2 Nirvana
3 Sublime
4 Green Day
5 Rage Against the Machine
6 Depeche Mode
7 Nine Inch Nails
8 U2
9 Foo Fighters
10 Linkin Park
11 Radiohead
12 The Smashing Pumpkins
13 Weezer
14 Tool
15 The Killers
16 Pearl Jam
17 System of a Down
18 The Cure
19 Incubus
20 Bob Marley
21 The Offspring
22 Metallica

The Smiths/Morrissey

24 Stone Temple Pilots
25 Social Distortion
26 Korn
27 No Doubt
28 The Ramones
29 Beastie Boys
30 Jane's Addiction
31 Pennywise
32 Coldplay
33 Soundgarden
34 Blink 182
35 Violent Femmes
36 Alice in Chains
37 The White Stripes
38 311
39 Bad Religion

The Clash

41 AFI
42 Bush
43 Guns N Roses
44 My Chemical Romance
45 The Police
46 Jimmy Eat World
47 Muse
48 Rancid
49 Beck
50 Queens of the Stone Age
51 The Strokes
52 Jack Johnson
53 White Zombie/Rob Zombie
54 R.E.M.
55 Papa Roach
56 Oasis
57 Rise Against
58 Cypress Hill
59 Oingo Boingo
60 Fall Out Boy
61 Deftones
62 Modest Mouse
63 David Bowie
64 Marilyn Manson
65 New Order
66 Gorillaz
67 Chevelle
68 Cake
69 Audioslave
70 Interpol
71 Dave Matthews Band
72 Staind

Billy Idol

74 P.O.D.
75 Death Cab For Cutie
76 30 Seconds to Mars
77 Duran Duran
78 Face to Face
79 The Shins
80 Panic! at the Disco
81 Live
82 Devo
83 Dashboard Confessional
84 Three Days Grace
85 Blondie
86 Sum 41
87 Blur
88 A Perfect Circle
89 Talking Heads
90 Garbage
91 Limp Bizkit
92 The Sex Pistols
93 Blind Melon
94 The Cult
95 Avenged Sevenfold
96 The Arcade Fire
97 Hole
98 Echo and the Bunnymen
99 Primus
100 Snow Patrol
101 Wolfmother
102 X
103 Tiger Army
104 The Pixies
105 Good Charlotte
106 Velvet Revolver
106.7 Siouxsie and the Banshees

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Super Post

I havn't posted in like ever so I decided I might as well put all the posts I should have done seperately into 1 long 1 even though it won't be very long.

So many new good flash games, SO MANY!

So here's links to them with short little descriptions about each

This game is a tower defense type game where one can chain towers to make devastating combos, good fun once you get used to it.

Castle Wars

Ahh wow this game took me back. An Arcomage off shoot, in case you don't know you non gamers, Arcomage was a minigame in Might and Magic and was pretty much my favorite thing. Basically you have to use strategy to either get your castle to 100 or destroy your opponents. Pretty Fun

Finger Twister
This is basically a twister game for the computer using the keyboard. Be warned, it is painful. Not lieing here either.

Found out about this today and was in awe. It isn't out yet but it looks AMAZING! I'll post again when it comes out with more details

Next, Minutes to Midnight is still amazingness and pretty much all I listen to. Tonight though I did get a song that has grown on me over the past week and I highly recommend it, it is even my new song on Facebook if you want to listen to it. Tarantula, Smashing Pumpkins.

Thirdly, there will only be 1 disneyland post just cause I'm lazy and the pictures I got have a very high resolution, leading to high file size.

Finally, I wish luck to everyone taking SAT/SAT II's on Saturday including myself.

K done yay