Friday, November 7, 2008

Ravenholm...Part 2

Well I leave Ravenholm, well the main part to follow Mr. creepy guy into the best place to go to avoid zombies. Well let's just say I was extremely sarcastic because he leads me into a freaking graveyard!!! First thing that I see is about 6 spider zombies hauling ass onto of a cliff towards us, but hey they're on a cliff, they can't reach us. How wrong I was! They hurt badly both physically but emotionally. Once those buggers were finished off I got to experience more fun, mobs of zombies! Oh yay like 20 zombies coming towards you, kinda freaky, but anyways I created a game to see how many zombies I could kill with 1 saw blade shot, my record is 5 so far. But anyways more zombies keep coming to kill me and finally you think you're done but wait, you hear that awful groan of the annoying toxic zombie. I then unleash pretty much all the ammo I have to kill the annoyance and then mr creepy guy tells me go into the mines, it's the way out. Yay the way out!

So in I go, jumping down the cool mine shaft, cause jumping's fun. Gotta be careful though, otherwise you might fall to your death, gotta love that. Anyways I get to the almost bottom and I feel like I'm in a snake pit except with headcrabs! A FREAKING TON OF HEADCRABS! So I basically use all my magnum ammo to pick them off and the jump down trying to avoid these buggers and I finally get out of that part, but wait now I have to swim underwater to who knows where. Well I do it cause it's better than headcrab land and come out to none other than more zombies! WOO! So there's this "mine cart" that has a saw blade attached to it, mr creepy guy ha problems, lots of problems. So basically I kill all of them with no ammo then woo SUNLIGHT! I SEE SUN! Best feeling ever, so that was Ravenholm, scary place, but there's more to the story.

Skip like 2 Chapters

So I'm driving my dune buggy with its laser attachment on the front into a tunnel which usually tells me it's a loading tunnel, but oh god cars are all in front of my blocking my path. Ok no biggy, get out use gravity gun and ready go. Oh wait I hear something, OH %^@$! 4 Freaking Spider Zombies attack me plus crap loads of other zombies! Just when you thought you were zombie free this crap happens! Of course I have unlimited ammo, but no I forget that and end up having to crowbar half of the zombies, which was about 50 in this little area, oh ya its all dark too. And that's basically my zombie adventures so far. I'll keep you posted on any more scary zombie sightings!