Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Class Without teh Interwebs

Class Without Internet

Well today my international relations class, I could not get any internet! It’s terrible! I’m stuck writing a blog post in pages and pretty much bored doing it, but anyways. I have realized I would pretty much die if there was not internet at all. I’d never have anything to consume my time, I’d have to watch all of my TV shows with ads and watch them at their regularly scheduled time. It’s amazing how much I have become dependent on internet. I look up all my information now over google, I’ll watch most of the election coverage online. I’d lose a huge form of communication with friends without internet and I just hope that this class gets it’s wifi issues fixed because I can’t play a video game because I am afraid of it making any sounds. Basically if I make a sound I have to sing something in front of the class and that would not be good!

Here’s an aim conversation someone might have if they were stuck trying to im their friend, but the internet was really bad and they never got anything back

what’s up?
are you there?
can you see what text i’m writing?
well i guess you can’t see what i’m writing then so i guess i’ll talk about stuff
so today i went to class and it was fun
oh ya how was your class?
sound interesting
how’s it going with that 1 girl?
ya that sounds like a good idea
oo don’t do that
you might regret it, but you do what you want
ya sounds good
so what’s new with you?
oh ya sounds cool
do you have a pic?
oh nice
looks fun
well hey i should go
having a convo with myself is boring

Yay blogging!