Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ooo Shiny Gmail

Well I was reading about how themes are out for Gmail now and figured I would check it out on my Gmail account, and sure enough there it was! The cool new tab in settings called themes!


Supposedly I am one of the lucky ones, because it has not been rolled out completely yet

Also, some of the picture themes change based on your location and time! Very cool Google!

But here are some of my favorite themes!



Summer Ocean


Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Not much can be said except that this is a super sweet video!

YouTube Trick

Well I figured I'd write a short post now about a little trick to make your YouTube viewing experience that much better. And it's only 7 characters!

1) Take your YouTube link

2) Add this string of characters to the end, without the quotes of course


3) Your finished link should look like

Now here's the video of those links which is our half time show performance at Stanford, sucks

With "&fmt=18"

Without "&fmt=18"

And there you go, a quick and easy way to watch YouTube videos in Higher Quality!