Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Well congratz you democrats, Obama won. As one of my friends put it we should all sing Kumbaya now but who know what will happen next. Anyways he’s now a lame duck (yay political jokes) and now I’m moving past the election topic.

Anyways I figured I’d talk a little about my day and just ramble on anything because the seems to be the best I can come up with for a current blog post! Oh yay!

So how best to describe my day...I could do it in a very rigid format…

7:27 Wake up
7:30 Check e-mails/digg/random web stuff
7:40 Brush my teeth
7:42 Done brushing my teeth
7:42:15 Walk back to my room from the bathroom
7:42:42.23523562462413415135 Put toothbrush and toothpaste in closet
7:42:43.151352352465246246246464646246346346346345 Close closet

Ok that was fun, but too much work remembering all of those specific times. BTW those uber precise times are completely correct, definitely correct, no lies ever…

Umm well I’ll just go in a general ordered list format then.

Woke up
Got ready
Went to math discussion
Got bored and left
Went back to dorm
Took a shower I was too lazy to take earlier
Went to the amazingly fun awesome IR Lecture (maybe read an earlier post today to learn more about that class)
Went to lunch
Had some “chicken” and other random stuff
Went back to my dorm
Did some work
Played Half Life 2
That was absolutely awesome, even though it scared me
Got to Ravenholm and decided to wait to go through there until tomorrow
Checked more random web stuff
More random stuff

Went to band
Saw it get dark during band
Saw a cool sunset
Got cold
Biked back fast to my dorm
Went with a friend to Radio Shack
Then to Ralph’s
Then to my dorm
Then made my dinner
Then read more random stuff

Watched some South Park
Watched some It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, wanted to try it and see how it is
Writing this post

I dunno how to end this because if I write I finished this post


Anonymous said...

Rofl by "random web stuff" I assume you mean Pr0n ;-)