Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Transferring Media to BlackBerry Storm with a Mac

Well I am a Mac user even though I have XP installed on Boot Camp, I tend to be too lazy to try and boot up and do things that way. Besides all my music and pictures are on my Mac hard drive. While it is possible to just pop out your MicroSD card and use the converter and a card reader to put it on your computer, you can also send media through Bluetooth.

I found this to be extremely helpful when I just wanted to transfer one song over to my Storm without restarting or pulling the media card. However, there is a certain way you have to do it.

On your BlackBerry Storm, you have to go to the media app, highlight whatever kind of media you want to receive from your Mac. If you want music, highlight Music, then click “Receive Using Bluetooth”.

After that you can send it easily to your device!

Good Luck and have fun with your Storm!