Sunday, December 14, 2008

BlackBerry Storm OTA Updates!

Well the new Storm update has been available for about a week now and it is awesome! It fixed a lot of little bugs like the sometimes temperamental accelerometer. You can download it now over the air.

To access this go to Options ->Advanced Options -> Wireless Upgrade

Wireless Upgrade is at the very bottom of the Advanced Options List, however if you are like me, it initially does not show.

There is a fix for this though!

To make it appear you need to go to Options -> Advanced Options -> Service Book

Then HIGHLIGHT Provisioning [OTASL]

While highlighted, click the BlackBerry button to pull up the menu

Now go to Delete, when it asks are you sure, click Delete

Now hit the Blackberry Button again and click Undelete

For some the Upgrade now appears, however I had to do a reboot and it was there!

Hope that helps solve the confusion of the OTA update!