Thursday, December 4, 2008

Round Up of Twitter Apps!

Well after my research done and my trials with many different twitter clients I now have a list for every one of twitter clients and my opinion of each!

Twitterific – Free with ads, $14.95 for full version

A small minimalistic twitter client with many great features, such as growl support when new tweets arrive and color-coding for direct messages and replies. Gives the basic function of allowing you to tweet from inside of it. It collapses nicely into the menu bar for when you do not want to view it, however when you receive new tweets it does reappear, little annoying but manageable. Unfortunately, there is a price tag on this twitter app, but the free version works just as well, except for the ads. It is a great app if you want something small, lightweight and gets the job done while looking good!

- Free

Expanded View

Single Column

This is my twitter app of choice. It may be large, however I have an entire space dedicated to it. It does a very good job of separating direct messages and replies into different columns. It runs on Adobe Air and is extremely lightweight. You can force update your tweets and send new tweets with this. It also provides automatic link shortening which is very handy when linking to my blog or elsewhere. There are many newly added features to TweetDeck that I don’t use yet because I just updated my TweetDeck. I recommend this app if you want a twitter app to do it all, but don’t mind its size. My one small complaint about this app is when you get a new tweet it just updates saying you have a new tweet and makes TweetDeck the targeted application, but this is very minor.

Twhirl - Free


Another twitter app that uses the Adobe Air platform. I used to use this app a lot, however TweetDeck replaced it. This app is very similar to TweetDeck and has many of the same features. It has its own notification system which you can customize to your liking. It does not update as frequently as TweetDeck does, which is one of my primary reasons for switching, however it’s size is much more comparable to that of Twitterific which is a plus. Twhirl also features link shortening along with many other useful tricks. I recommend this if TweetDeck is too large for your tastes and Twitterific is too minimalistic.



Designed to be used primarily for mobile devices such as an iPhone, it still works very well as a browser based twitter client. It is a very nice looking app, with a minimalistic theme. It does the essentials great for on the go tweeting. Hahlo and Ping.FM, which I will discuss later, are my two main ways to tweet on the go. I recommend using it on your iPhone or iPod Touch or even creating a fluid app of it. If you need help creating a fluid app of Hahlo visit .



This is not exactly a twitter client, but a twitter updater. You can use it to update your twitter status at the same time you update your facebook, myspace, or many more statuses. You can also use it to create a new blog post. It is available to use at all you have to do is make an account and put in your information for whatever sites you want it to update! They have pseudo texting support by texting an email or if your mobile device has email, you can just email it. also has AIM bots for quick and easy status updates. If you are lazy and like to update all your statuses at once, is the way to go!



Shown to me by a fellow twitter user, TweetGrid is a very well designed web based twitter app. It is completely customizable. You choose your grid size from 1x1 to 3x3. Within this you can edit the sizes of columns and rows to customize to your liking. Once inside, you can view specific people’s tweets, everyone’s, and even update your own with rapid updating. If you just want something that works and gets the job done, TweetGrid is for you!

Wrap Up

Basically each of these twitter apps target a different audience.

  • If you want an extremely minimalist app for your desktop use Twitterific

  • If you want everything twitter has to offer plus more for your desktop use TweetDeck

  • If you want a combo of the last two use twhirl

  • If you want to use twitter on your iPhone or other mobile device use Hahlo

  • If you want to update all of your sites with a status use Ping.FM

  • If you want a full desktop experience in your web browser, while customizing it all use TweetGrid

I hope this list of twitter clients helps! If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me at!

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