Thursday, May 31, 2007

Super Post

I havn't posted in like ever so I decided I might as well put all the posts I should have done seperately into 1 long 1 even though it won't be very long.

So many new good flash games, SO MANY!

So here's links to them with short little descriptions about each

This game is a tower defense type game where one can chain towers to make devastating combos, good fun once you get used to it.

Castle Wars

Ahh wow this game took me back. An Arcomage off shoot, in case you don't know you non gamers, Arcomage was a minigame in Might and Magic and was pretty much my favorite thing. Basically you have to use strategy to either get your castle to 100 or destroy your opponents. Pretty Fun

Finger Twister
This is basically a twister game for the computer using the keyboard. Be warned, it is painful. Not lieing here either.

Found out about this today and was in awe. It isn't out yet but it looks AMAZING! I'll post again when it comes out with more details

Next, Minutes to Midnight is still amazingness and pretty much all I listen to. Tonight though I did get a song that has grown on me over the past week and I highly recommend it, it is even my new song on Facebook if you want to listen to it. Tarantula, Smashing Pumpkins.

Thirdly, there will only be 1 disneyland post just cause I'm lazy and the pictures I got have a very high resolution, leading to high file size.

Finally, I wish luck to everyone taking SAT/SAT II's on Saturday including myself.

K done yay